When Lower Body Workouts Send You Running for Cover...

Here's a lower body leg workout you can take a shot at today, and it won't send you running...for cover....no pun intended! Sometimes, a leg workout routine can seem intimidating or overwhelming, especially if you add in a LOOONGG cardio session after you strength train. SO...if you'd like to try out a more simple approach, check this out! I LOVE doing legs, especially body weight leg routines. And this one is simple yet AWESOME for helping you get your legs (and your abs) in shape!

Compliments of the "28 Day Fit & Toned Bikini Body Challenge". This is "Workout #1" of the 5 Workouts Per Week plan. I did this workout at the gym this morning, and not only does it fire up your fat burning potential by incorporating High Intensity Interval Training, but it also helps to strengthen, trim & tone those legs (& abs) while you're at it!

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