Join the inspirational movement encouraged by our community of passionate followers who are searching for true happiness, their true purpose and potential. A nation of those that "Dare Greatly". Take the road less traveled. Are Fearless and Defy All Doubt in the face of adversity. We commit to uphold these values; we are courageous, we strive to live greatly, and go in brave pursuit of our dreams, live boldly, live vulnerably, we are tough, strong, confident, proud, and are longing to feel contented, fulfilled, and accomplished. Our Brave Angels disprove naysayers and go against the grain, because they know they are worth it. We embrace life, and soldier on, we will never give up and promise to daringly persevere. We don’t just exist…we have a strong yearning to leave behind a legacy that will turn heads and have an admirable & valuable impact on the world. We know that we have been granted one life, one legacy. We will be Legendary. We are more than brave. We are the inspiration. We are the Brave Angels.

The Legacy:

Natalie Krul, Founder

Natalie Krul, Founder

Natalie Krul, founder of Brave Angel, is a certified personal fitness trainer & certified sports nutritionist. Natalie has learned a lot about what people need to succeed at achieving their goals, be it fitness or career goals, the formula for success is always the same. That’s what Brave Angel is all about. Helping YOU make the commitment to rediscover yourself, realize your potential, and find YOUR true happiness. Because in the end, the reason behind everything we do leads back to one thing, we’re just trying to find happiness & contentment! Let Brave Angel be your free coach in your journey to optimal wellness. Come here for motivation & information on diet, lifestyle & fitness.

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We have come across many people who have no idea of what is good and bad or right and wrong when it comes to diet and exercise. The main reason people are so clueless is that there are so many fad diets, myths, various types of exercise equipment, supplements, diet pills, opinions, and the list goes on and on and is impossible to know what works and what hurts, as Natalie likes to say, because how do you know who to believe or trust!?!

We are here to tell you that we know what works. We aren't here to sell you on any specific product or service, we're here to help you find your personal best state of happiness & contentment. You can pick and choose what you want to incorporate into your life and we, at Brave Angel, wish you the best of luck on your health, fitness and well-being journey.

Why trust Brave Angel?

Because we have helped hundreds of people lose weight the right way without any fad diets, diet pills, or extreme measures. We have helped people get off blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart meds, improve their gastro-intestinal functions, relieve heart burn and acid reflux, improve their immune systems and metabolism, get their energy back, recover from back, shoulder and other injuries, get over depression and insomnia, find their true meaning in life, feel fulfilled and accomplished...and much more.

Our approach?

It's all-natural, organic, whole foods, using your own body, free weights, eating clean, working out at home, using what the good lord gave ya''s RAW, MINIMALIST, UNPROCESSED, SIMPLE, from the earth and with our, economically reasonable, and very realistic.

How do I start?

Hop on over to our blog, and check out our free body weight workouts, combo workouts, kettlebell workouts and TRX workouts, or the latest fitness & diet tips & secrets. Take one of our challenges to give your diet & workout routine a jump start! Check out our shop for diet & fitness plans for as little as $9.99. And don't forget to get your free copy of our Seven Day Detox Plan!